Storyteller Kuniko Yamamoto

On September 10, 2022, Storyteller & Origami artist Kuniko Yamamoto participated at the monthly Storytellers of Old Tampa Bay open mic night held every second Saturday in St. Petersburg Fl. aka Art Walk Night.

Her professional experience as a Storyteller combined with her talent and ability as an Origami artist becomes a magical entertaining enlightening experience.

Early on she decided to follow her passion educating herself first as a performer. She knew it was important to find her voice and what it would be best suited for.  She quickly learned Japanese Folk Tales style was something that came very natural to her.

She comes from very ruff & tuff Japanese humble beginnings and shares stories about topics that need to be talked about and rarely addressed.   

She is a great example of the expression “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.  Filled with passion, experiences & creative talent she is a force and ambassador of what I like to refer to as a Good Will Cultural Creative.  She represents the Lotus flower very well. 

Ross Tarr who is a Storyteller and Director of The Storytellers of Old Tampa Bay has known Kuniko Yamamoto for many years and knew inviting Kuniko as a Storyteller during an open mic night was a great recipe for a magical night of storytelling. In addition to Kuniko Storyteller Walt Belcher, Ani Crane & Timothy Huff also shared interesting stories. If you or someone you know enjoys storytelling, Open mic hosted by The Storytellers of Old Tampa Bay is a great suggestion.

Storytellers of Old Tampa Bay
Open Mic 9-10-2022

You can find Kuniko Yamamoto on FB &

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