17th Sunscreen Film Festival Short- A Wilted Leaf

Visiting St. Petersburg Florida for the first time attending the 17th Sunscreen Festival. Their short film ” A Wilted Leaf was nominated for an award . “A young woman, in the prime of her life, is surprised by a terminal disease”. Lucero Paz has to come to terms with her fate, when she is diagnosed with a terminal cancer. She’s full of regrets, realizing she hasn’t lived life to the max. That is until Ruben, her caregiver tries to make her understand that life is what is happening right now. Both then embark on a journey of resistance, acceptance, and loving life under any circumstances. In addition to filming their own movies they have been working together for 5 years producing Film Festivals around the world. Their next upcoming festival ” Love & Hope International Film Festival will be in Barcelona during the month of September. info@lhifilmfestival.com

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