Exquisite Corpse Games 2017 unveiling Exceeded Expectations


Ann Marie Cash

Published November 3, 2017

St. Petersburg, Fl. -The Exquisite Corpse Games  2017 unveiling at The St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts marked another milestone for the game.  “The third annual unveiling was amazing,” said Daniel Veintimilla from Creative Pinellas. 54 multi-talented artists accepted the challenge and a traveling exhibit comprised of 4 sculptures, 8 paintings, 3 photography and 3 pieces in the form of poetry were born.

The Exquisite Corpse Games has been played by many throughout the years, never like this version of the game before.  Every Game has a starting point with an ultimate objective/ a goal to achieve. The Exquisite Corpse Games LLC version main objective is to demonstrate through the cohesiveness of the artwork “The effects of the synergy that is created when like-minded people get together”.

The games starting point is the Game Keeper by selecting and bringing together a stellar (literally) group of artists in different mediums. Once the artist is sought out, and the invitation is sent with all the specifics,  It is up to the artist to accept the challenge and become part of the artistic blind collaboration flow that fuels this version of the Exquisite Corpse Games.

Steven Kenny third-year participant is a surrealist painter and docent at the Dali museum.

“I look forward to playing this game just for fun, I enjoy experimenting “, said Steven Kenny while he addressed the full house audience about his piece.

The game culminates with an unveiling and that is when the artists and attendees get to see the pieces come together as one for the first time.

The first stop of the exhibit will be on display as part of ET Cultura Nov 15 – 19 at the Gallery, 200 central ave, St Petersburg, Fl.  You can find out more about the travels and all participating artists at www.exquisitecorpsegames.com

A few photos from the night of the event:

The city of St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman
Sculptor Sage Bosch with Nichole Fessell
Painter (torso) Debbie Slowey Raguso
Left on stage MC Trevor Pettiford Bay News 9, Painters (Left) Rebecca Skelton, (center)Claudia Strano & (right)Wes Roos
Painting on left -Head by Painter Jim Kammerud, Torso by Jim Rolston, Legs by Rebekah Lazaridis. On right painter Jim Kammerud talking about his piece.


Elizabeth Brincklow with Nataliya Scarberry
Head David Jessup, Torso Kathleen Young, Legs Sage Bosch
Head Beate Marston, Torso Doug D’Souza, Legs Pamela Olin
Head by Michael Conway, torso Khalid Hameed, legs Beth Reynolds





Head Lesli Pringle Burke, torso Frederick Woods, legs Anita Wexler




Painters (left)Tammy Berk(center)John Gascot (right)Freddie Fred
(left)Painter Gina White(center) Glass sculptor Mathew Piepenbrok(right)Surrealist photographer Lissa Hatcher











Sculptor Scott Joseph Moore

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