Connect The Dots with Ann Marie

Ann Marie Cash

Ann Marie aka as Ms. Cash has been on the quest of meeting interesting, talented people with uplifting life stories for over a decade.  Founded Rhino On Air and launched October  17, 2011.  Ann Marie Cash is a member of The National Association of Digital Broadcasters under WSPF-DB.  The journey so far has been remarkable and the stories & information learned from the interesting talented people interviewed, Priceless.  As in Ann Marie’s words. ” Sales, Marketing & Public Relations are my strengths, Communicating and learning about Art & Culture through real-life experiences is my passion, and in St. Petersburg Fl. , my home town,  The Arts are always in fashion.  A lot to pull from.

Ann Marie Cash has a BA in Business & Administration with a minor in marketing.  During 2 decades Traveled the world for business and After a successful Business Development career through technology sales & marketing management,  she was forced to reinvent herself after corporate layoffs in 2007.  Things were tough and getting involved in the Arts even tougher.  One of Ann Marie Mantras is “Persistence overcomes resistance” and very happy to report this Rhino is evolving!

“Connect The Dots with Ann Marie” Show aires weekly on Wednesday’s and can be heard through this web site live & podcast or on Tune-In under WSPFDB, Just One Alexa Command away.

You can contact email and follow her on FB @ConnectingTheDotsWithAnnMarie

**If you would like to call in during a live show the number to call is (727) 873-7627**  Please be polite. It’s an “Only Good Vibes” zone.