Artist Alann Jordan Boatright

April 2023 St.Petersburg, Fl.
By: Ann Marie Bizarre Cash
As I arrived at the Mainsail 2023 Art Show, the first booth I stumbled upon was of the Artist Alann Jordan Boatright. I have been following him as an artist for over a decade.  His vivid colors and subject matters pull you in and take you on thought provoking journeys. 

Alann Jordan became an artist at the age of 8 years old, utilizing pastels as his medium.  Although he flunked art class in high school, he went on to college and graduated as a commercial artist and became a technical illustrator for the United States Airforce.  His paintings are about "Today's news & yesterday's history" as he explained. Every painting tells a story and as you take a closer look, the stories go deeper and deeper from each individual perspective. All grounding points start with a robot. His art work is far from AI (artificial intelligence). There is nothing artificial about his work, subjects or him.  It takes a lot of talent, ability & brains to tell the stories like he does.  As the forward thinker that he is, his next addition will be Augmented Reality.

To find out more about Allen Jordans art check out his website or find him on 

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