Robert Seutter aka Santa True, Helping Dreams Come True


St. Petersburg, Fl. August 11, 2022

Who attends the workshop and why?

Santa is real and he was in WSPF-db/ Rhino On Air studio today, Connecting Dots with Ann Marie, that’s me.  Thanks to Ross Tarr aka St. Petersburg Santa and host of the Storytellers of Old Tampa Bay, who coordinated the interview, I had the time of my life literally. His birth name is Robert Seutter aka Santa True.   He is a Performance Coach, Instructor, Creative Instigator and a Traditional Spoken Word Storyteller.  He has his bag filled with talents and gifts.  As any other skeptic, I needed proof.  It did not take long at all. As soon as I heard his first few words it was evident, he was Santa.  His words were clear, soft spoken filled with information. But wait, there is still more.  He is also True Thomas the Storyteller.

He walks the walk and talks the talk.  He takes his role very seriously. He practices what he teaches.  Not to be confused with preaching.  He is a true professional who has educated himself in his craft with many years of experience up his sleeves and as part of his bag of gifts.

The lessons I received today were priceless.  In less than an hour he gave me ideas for a new “persona” as a Christmas performer including some business strategies and concepts, information for a logo design, and some very logical factual information / stories about my current work I had no idea about. All the valuable information he gifted me with today will be of great assistance to conclude my stories.  And yes, there is still more, an interview where he answered various questions about such a unique Art form. It was definitely a Christmas in August day for me. It seems like His Santa skills have given him the ability to coach effortlessly. His expertise flows naturally and inspires the desire to excel. He speaks and captures your attention with a subtle finesse through words & tone.

His workshops are about the unique art form of “Christmas Performers”. The main goal is How to bring the magic to life.   How to engage the audience and share their journey, their cares.  As Robert teaches and, in his words,” As Santa you are the oldest person in the room”.  He emphasizes how Santa has been with the audience all their lives. Separate from the religious significance, the ideals of Christmas are Universal. The gestures of Kindness, Joy, Creativity, Targeted anonymous giving. It is the same across all cultures, all inclusive”.  He makes sure that his workshops are for all Christmas performers. Mrs. Santa’s, Elves, Jack Frost and the rest of the crew. At the end of the day “Everybody wants to be loved” no matter how hard they fight it. That’s what Christmas is for…

He sure sounds like Santa to me. This is one various questions, stay Tuned. For more about Christmas Performer Workshops “Putting the Christmas Heart in our Art” you can find information at  or Tel:805-300-0011

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