Uzoma Nwosu What is Guchi Sachi?

April 30, 2023 St.Petersburg, Fl

by: Ann Marie Bizarre Cash

Do you know what Guchi Sachi is?  Same question Fashion Designer Mary Ann Padro and I had. 
Meet Uzoma Nwosu. I saw him walking into American Stage/ SPC during a workshop by the Sunscreen Film Festival and of course I could not resist to ask. There were four (4) men wearing different versions of the same Kool looking theme shirt with a lot of pride, so I had to ask. He had attended Sunscreen Film festival in LA and was told about the one in St. Petersburg, Fl. He had never been to St. Pete (for short) so he decided to attend and was not disappointed.  He was pleasantly surprised by the warm city climate projected through the locals. 

From my understanding Guchi Sachi is a multi-purpose organization setting the stage for a positive movement and change. It is formed by a group of creative people that inspire the inspirers around the world and foster creative collaborations. Uzo his friends call him projects the mission very well. 

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