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EveryDay Hero Catalina on Connect The Dots

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EveryDay Hero Project President Catalina Farrington joined

Ann Marie Cash on Connect The Dots on 10-15-14.

Catalina is a singer song writer/ published author , wife & mother, in addition to running a Non-for profit organization.

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EDH_EHP-logo-WIth-Banner-for-webNYCW Everyday Hero Project Mission Statement:
To assess the needs of emerging communities, provide resources and education for them, and to interact within communities and their leaders to build successful living environments.
Our non profit is dedicated to assisting emerging communities around the world, as well as at home. We provide resources and tools because we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to develop their talents and skills in order to live a fulfilling, inspirational life.

Programs & Services
Spanning across the globe from Hawaii to Haiti, our organization does an array of community service activities as well as positive community events. We are also an accredited educator staff which holds workshops that address the mind, body, and spirit! Our programs are designed to change the world as well as activate the EveryDay Hero in YOU!

EveryDay Hero Education Courses in Florida (Click for details)
EveryDay Hero Hall of Fame Showcase events (Click for details)
Positive Music/Entertainment events
Recycling tents at outdoor events (Click for details)
Helping to build an international life center in Haiti (Click for details)
Feeding the needy in various cities
Sending care packages to emerging communities
Collecting and distributing donations