Grant Peeples & Sara Stovall Live “Come on down to The Sunshine State”

Grant Peeples a native Floridian, Born in Tallahassee Florida USA.

Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Poet, Entrepreneur extra-ordinaire with a purpose. Everyone has a purpose no matter how simple it may be, and it seems like most of us that identify and connect with it early becomes the force that moves us.

In 1972, Huge Roche rode over to Grant Peeples house on his Bultaco motorcycle with a guitar strapped to the back fender and played “Desolation Row”, “Just like a Woman”, “Girl of the North County” and in Grants words “I was forever and irrevocably changed”. I am not familiar with the songs however it is a true testament of how vulnerable young minds are. It’s the foundation/ “Setting the stage” years and literally in Grants case.

He has traveled the world singing and writing his tunes. It has allowed him to comprehend & appreciate cultures and cultural differences without judgement. He is a humanitarian with a strong voice & mind. Infused by his passion for life, country & community living he has taken matters into his own hands and manages his music & touring career with professionalism & passion.

On Saturday November 5,2022, he was accompanied by Sara Stovall a professional violinist based out of Sarasota Fl, to play at a “Concert in your home” hosted by Amy Sara Friedman a long time local. I had never heard Sara play however based on how well she gelled with Grant left me with a desire to find out more about her creative talents & abilities. She is on Facebook, and you can find her on Instagram @sara.camill3. Definitely one to watch.

You can’t fake real, and Grant Peeples is as real as they get. He is raw, passionate & entertaining. That’s what the Arts are for!

You can find out more about Grant at . He has music books & T-shirts for sale.

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