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ROA WSPF-DB high res logoRhino On Air.Com is located downtown St. Petersburg Florida.  Our fundamental goal is to share the “VOICES from the arts”. Our slogan is “From The Arts, To The People”. Created local that goes global.  We want the World to know all about what goes on here in St. Petersburg florida , and come and enjoy our art galleries, theaters, restaurants, live music, hotels, beaches and all this wonderful piece of paradise has to offer.

There are no limits to our listener-ship. We have a wide variety of talk shows with a fantastic group of talk show host. The information provided through these shows is priceless and a great marketing tool.  We also play music.

For the most part, you are going to hear music here for the first time, not heard on traditional radio. You can become a judge by listening to the music of upcoming artist.

We play INDY music. Being an internet based radio station, we play music from around the world! You do not have to be local to submit music. The only requirement is that your music is good and that you are serious about your business. We are!

To submit music, we need you to authorize us to play your music first. You can click on the music authorization tab, scroll all the way to the bottom and provide your information. Once that is done then you need to email your music to music@rhinoonair.com.

To find out more about our shows & show host you can click on the host page and check them out one by one. On the schedule page you can find the times the shows air live. If you see a show you are interested in listening to, you can go to the podcast page and pick a podcast of a past show. To listen live you click on the front page player play button on or off.

If you or someone you know could benefit from sponsoring one of our shows or would like to advertise or host their own show,  please have them email annmarie@rhinoonair.com for more information.

Thank you for checking us out, and listen in. ” Help us, Help you” “It does take a village”…….

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*****Important information***** All podcast are property of Rhino On Air. If you have been on a show as a guest, we welcome you share the podcast post link on your fb, web-site or any other digital media. It DOES NOT give you the authorization to copy in full or any portion of the podcast recordings. Show HOST, sound engineers or any one else who has participated in creating the podcast DO NOT own rights to the podcasts either. If you have any questions regarding podcast, please email annmarie@rhinoonair.com or you can call 727-873-7627.******

image002Proud member of St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce

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