Recap & Places to go tonight 3/14/15

Recap & Places to go tonight- St. Petersburg, Fl. – Ann Marie Cash- St. Pete Buzz Re- Cap so far. Week end celebration started  on Thursday night attending The Mahaffey Theater 50 year anniversary free concert celebration.  The Band “Come Back Alice” based out of Sarasota Fl was phenomenal.  Great …

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Joywave-Somebody New

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How do you feel now?

Available April 21, 2015

The Debut LP from Joywave

Theses guys are brilliant & talented!

American Health Care vs UK- The Mancunian Candidates

The Mancunian Candidates 2nd show. Click on the player below to listen:

Paul Ripley & Mike Royce are the host of The Mancunian Candidates. They would like to receive feed back from from a US perspective.  In this episode they talk about the American health care vs the UK and Florida concealed weapon law from a British perspective.  Very interesting.  You can comment at the bottom of this post or visit The Mancunian Candidates facebook page.

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The Mancunian Candidates 2/26/15

The Mancunian Candidates (Paul Ripley & Mike Royce)  first show aired Thursday February 26, 2015.  This show will air every Thursday at 3:00 pm and podcast will be uploaded every week in case you missed the live show.

For a fun interesting listening hour click on the  podcast player:

The Mancunian Candidates are Paul Ripley and Mike Royce, two award winning radio broadcasters based in Manchester UK. The show will revolve around the pop culture and politics of the USA viewed through the Brit perspective, whilst bringing the lowdown on all things art and culture in Manchester, UK. Debate and controversy is mandatory. Buckle up, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride…

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UCM2 Band on Connect The Dots

UCM2 Band on Connect The Dots with Ann Marie.  Two of the band members Ron & Mike share the interesting story about how their album came to life.  Mike who is the lead guitar player among other contributions to the creative process,  learned how to memorize the guitar cords sounds …

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