Paul Ripley Host of The Mancunian Candidates Show

Paul RipleyI was born in Manchester and spent my childhood living in Hong Kong and Benghazi, where my father served in the Armed Forces, before returning to the United Kingdom when I was eleven years of age. At seventeen I was in a band that was signed to an American label. Our success was short-lived as the label collapsed, and so did the band. My involvement in music continued, however, and I began working in a music and PA store, which gave me the opportunity of going out on the road as the sound engineer with touring bands such as Thin Lizzy, Ian Dury and the Blockheads, Gary Moore, and many other bands and artists. As the manager of various bands, that experience proved invaluable as I organized tours of Europe and the USA for them and helped the artists secure record and publishing deals.

I became a qualified teacher and counselor, which led to work with Comic Relief, where I trained adults with Mental Health issues to create their own films and learn digital technologies. I worked with BAFTA award-winning English television screenwriter and producer Paul Abbott for the National Health System to create film and DVD resources to aid mental health recovery. This included creating films and audio on various mental health issues, supporting local ethnic communities. I am proud to say that these resources are now used by mental health professionals across the whole of the UK.

I worked for the BBC in post- production on various commissioned programs and shows. During this period I met James Stannage, who was the UK’s most popular ‘shock jock’ and together we created the first mainstream internet radio station in Manchester, Manchester Radio Online. It was there that I hosted one of Manchester’s most popular music radio shows, ‘The Ripman Show,’ which included many interviews with legendary musicians. It become the number one show supporting emerging talent from Manchester and the Northwest of England, and continued to build on that success when the show moved to Fab Radio International.

At the station I set up a hands on inventive training system for radio and communications, helping people develop their skills and knowledge, and within 18 months Fab Radio International has become the most popular independent online station in the UK, surpassing many traditional FM stations and it is quickly establishing itself as one of the hubs for the emerging acts in Manchester.

Most recently I have created an affiliation with sharing talk shows & music “across the pond”. I am hosting The Mancunian Candidate show in conjunction with radio broadcaster award winning Mike Royce. The Mancunian Candidate is a show that revolves around the pop culture and politics of the USA viewed through the Brit perspective, while bringing the low down on all things art and culture in Manchester, UK. Debate and controversy is mandatory! It airs every Thursday at 3:00pm EST.

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