Mike Royce Host of The Mancunian Candidates

Mancunian Candidates LogoBorn and bred in Manchester, UK. Mike Royce began a lifelong devotion to films and the arts at the age of four, when he began devouring anything remotely sci-fi or fantasy that he could watch or read, including the world’s longest running sci-fi mag – Starburst Magazine.

After leaving school he managed to finance a buyout of the famous Manchester Press Club (the only after-hours drinking den in the city during the late 80’s / early 90’s). After selling the Press Club he used the funds to get him through Law School at Manchester University. After literally representing princes, paupers, rapists, and clowns Mike Royce decided to turn away from the legal profession in order to form the world’s first cult television and movie themed bar – Fab Café. The venue of Fab Café was destroyed by the Manchester IRA Bomb of 1996, days before it was due to open (the unlucky chap actually discovered it had been destroyed by watching it on the news!). Uninsured but undeterred the first Fab Café finally opened in Manchester in 1998. It quickly became a venue for movie and tv stars to hold events, and lead to a second Fab Café opening in Leeds. This was followed swiftly by the turbo nutter rock and live music venue, Satan’s Hollow, and the kitsch music temple formerly owned by Man Utd footballer George Best , The Tiger Lounge. Mike Royce had ended up with an alternative music driven Leisure Company stretching across two cities almost by accident.

The next step was almost inevitable. Mike Royce bought Starburst Magazine, the mag that he read almost as a bible whilst growing up. He took over as Editor with a mission to restore the mag to full international distribution (happily managing this within a year of taking over). Mike Royce then began his career in radio when Paul Ripley invited him to do a Starburst Radio Show. Seeing it as an opportunity to bring the magazine content to life in a new and interesting way, he accepted, and then after a few years they both left Manchester Radio to form Fab Radio International.

Since 2011 Mike Royce has been the Editor of Starburst Magazine, hosts the weekly Starburst Radio Show (now available as a massively subscribed iTunes Podcast), is still partnered up with Paul Ripley in the innovative Fab Radio International, still owns and operates his Leisure Company, and tries to find time to do some free legal work for anyone being screwed over. Mike Royce still has a massive passion for the fantasy genre, and massive affection for US pop culture. For him turning passion into a career is always the way forward….

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