Michael Whalen host of Day Quest Life

2015-06-26 00.10.47Michael Whalen is the host of DayQuest Life Radio Hour. As a kid he snuck a radio under his pillow and listened to great talk radio hosts like Tom Snyder and Larry King as he fell asleep. Later, for a brief time, he was a news reporter for KBOO community radio in Portland, Oregon. A poet, author, speaker, activist, life counselor & coach with a practice in St. Petersburg, Florida, he hopes you will be inspired to live your life optimally as you listen to guests on DayQuest Life take on a simple but provocative question: “What is Life asking of you today?” – Even contemplating the answer to this question can be transformative as we move from living on autopilot to mindfully considering just what we might do as we put our feet on the floor and take the next breaths throughout the day. He invites you to join in discovering the Quest of co-creating this amazing life along with his guests on the DayQuest Life – WSPF-db, Rhino On Air.com, every 1st and 3rd Tuesdays, at 3:06 PM.

You can email Michael at: MichaelWhalenLMHC@gmail.com and check out his web site
“Mindful Solutions” Michael Whalen

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