Marc Levasseur Artist-Art Photographer

Marc LevasseurMarc is a multi-talented artist / Photographer / Art Teacher

In addition to painting based on his own inspirations, He has a natural ability to relate to children and allow them to express creativity and frustration through art. He has been teaching children how to paint based on who they are and what they enjoy for over 10 years. Through his painting classes , he also helps adults connect with their inner child and express themselves through the art of painting. You can find Marc on The Morean Art Center in St. Petersburg schedule, at painting with a Twist (St. Petersburg) or contact Marc for private lessons.

Marc is also an Art instructor at Creative Clay. Creative Clay is a Non for Profit Studio/Art Gallery that teaches remarkable people with physical impediments such as autism and other ailments.

RhinoOnAir is very proud of having Marc collaborate & contribute through his photography.

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