Dr. Christopher Jackson, Ph.D., D.O.M., A.P. (FL) has international experience in primary care Natural Medicine as a Canadian Naturopath, with an Australian naturopathic clinic, and in nutrition-based Functional and Orthomolecular Medicine as a primary care D.O.M. in Florida. Dr. Jackson has interned at respected natural medicine clinics, including an Australian naturopathic clinic, treating infertility, hormonal imbalances, and other chronic disorders. A more complete list of Dr. Jackson’s credentials is BSEE, BPHS, MSEM, MSOM, PhD, DOM, which includes undergraduate degrees from St. Petersburg College (SPC), East West College of Natural Medicine (EWCNM), and the University of South Florida (USF), in Natural Sciences, Electrical Engineering, and Professional Health Sciences, as well as advanced degrees from EWCNM and USF, in Engineering Management and Natural/Oriental Medicine. He successfully challenged Board Certification examinations in Biomedicine, Oriental Medicine, and Acupuncture, qualifying for Diplomate status. His Ph.D. dissertation researched properties of bioelectromagnetics and uncovered natural radioprotectants to defend against harmful electromagnetic radiation sources, drawing from several areas of expertise.
Dr. Jackson is a strong believer in the benefits of life-long education in a rapidly changing world, both for himself and the staff at A Path to Wellness. He has also kept up-to-date knowledge of current research as a member of several associations, including the World Association of Laser Therapists (WALT), National Health Federation (NHF), Laser Institute of America (LIA), American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM), Florida State Oriental Medical Association (FSOMA), Florida Environmental Health Association (FEHA), Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP), and American Herbalists Guild (AHG).

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