Pulitzer Prize Nominee Dr. Howard Peiper

Pulitzer Prize Nominee Dr. Howard Peiper & Mr. Mike Lemier VP of PMI were guest on Connect The Dots with Ann Marie and St. Pete Buzz.

Dr. Peiper & MikeDr. Howard Pieper is a Pulitzer Prize nominee. He has written 33 health books and is based in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Mike Lemier is Vice President of- PM International.  Both Dr. Peiper and Mike Lemier are dedicated to helping people live a healthier longer life by starting from the inside out.  They mean it, they live it!

Dr. Peiper is the gentleman in the photo on the right, in the blue shirt.  He is rock solid,physically fit. Can you guess his age?

Have you heard of NTC? Nutrient Transport Concept.  You take the time to read the labels on products you purchase, do you really understand the information?  Are you familiar with GMO? Genetically Modified Organisms.

Are you aware that the majority of people have mineral absorption issues?  Did you know that healthy cells slow down the aging process.

Listen to the podcast and find out more about Dr. Peiper, Mike Lemier and the products they work with.  The product has been in germany for over 20 years and just coming into the USA.

Hear it here first!


Ann Marie Cash Levasseur

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