St. Pete Buzz Marc Levasseur featured by Nova 535 Art In The Burg on WSPF-DB

Artist Profile: Marc Levasseur

Marc Levasseur is a St. Peterburg based visual artist who’s been described as a visionary; a master of utilizing light, color, shadows and texture and deeply connected to creating in the moment. His work is exhibited through out the U.S., and on Tuesday, May 22nd, St. Petersburg residents will have the opportunity to watch Marc in action as he paints live on stage at Duet, a concert and live art show at The Palladium.

Marc’s artwork successfully balances whimsy with depth, quickly reeling from playful swirls of color to darkly poignant moments of human fragility. Tuesday’s live performance will see him rendering the mood on canvas as internationally acclaimed Jazz vocalist Fred Johnson and New York Pianist Daniel Kelly present a collection of both original compositions and songs from the great American songbook.

For more of Marc’s artwork, visit his website:

Ann Marie Cash Levasseur

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