“If Today was your Last day” By Ann Marie Cash Host of “Connect The Dots” on RhinoOnAir.com Good Friday March 29, 2013

Pencil & IIf today was your last day to live in this dimension, on this earth, How would your day go? From start to finish? Now go back in time , and lets relive “The last day in the life of Jesus Christ“.  Based on  THE WORD/the Bible, we have an idea on how Jesus Christ spent his last day in this dimension, on this planet, on this earth.  Among his people! Lets imagine The feeling of betrayal , doubt , hurt as he is dragging this extremely heavy piece of wood, in the shape of a cross, on cobble stone ground. The thought of knowing you are about to get nailed to the cross that you are dragging, because of people that you knew, some that you even considered friends, sold you out. Those that allowed the haters, ( haters are people that cant do, that are afraid of you and jealous, Those that can’t do, hate ) convince them that you were not what they thought you were. The haters were able to justify their behavior by lying to themselves and others.  By being deceitful. That is what hatters do! What a depressing energy field they create.  “The people/acquaintances” allowed fear that creates doubt, greed and other illnesses over power their knowledge.


To carry your own cross was the punishment for crime at that time. As reality continues to sink in you start thinking about your family, your real friends, your loved ones! You don’t want them to suffer. You want them to understand, learn from what you and those before you have learned, How to LIVE in Balance, in Light! How to continue to LOVE. Love themselves and Love others with the same intensity. There are no free rides during the journey we call life! There is always a price to pay! Choosing to sacrifice and end your journey in order for others to learn, Is the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE. No more time to teach or learn. The end of this roam.


Today for those of us that have been raised on THE WORD/ the Bible, is a day to honor and respect the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus Christ did for us. It is our responsibility to understand that he did it for The Love of Life, Love for humanity, that should be emulated by everyone!


May you accept the gift of this brand new day, and reflect among the lessons that Jesus Christ has given us, and not diminish the message of The power of LOVE!!! Love is unconditional and the power that sustains life! Life is the journey comprised of moments that we control based on the choices we make! Jesus Christ has loosened our load and has given us the freedom to choose! May you choose to love and be loved and achieve a balanced harmonious life are my wishes for you and me!


It’s Friday, make it a good one and Connect The Dots………………..


By: Ann Marie Cash Levasseur

Host of “Connect The Dots”

On www.rhinoonair.com

Ann Marie Cash Levasseur

Founder and General Mgr of Rhino On Air.com/WSPF-DB . Founder of The Best of St. Pete, Entrepreneur,Publicist,PR-Marketing, Writer/Journalist. Internet Radio Personality Host of Connect The Dots & St. Pete Buzz.. Ambassador St. Pete Chamber of Commerce, Iconic Woman 2014 Nominee.

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