What GOOD happened recently ?

What GOOD happened recently? Ann Marie Cash Levasseur -St. Pete Buzz-7/15/16

breaking-news-1013tm-pic-2121Athletes, Entertainers, Famous people in general are RISING to the occasion.  Today on the Today Show , Katy Perry took time out of her busy creative schedule and Teleconferenced with the world.  She stood up and had her voice heard via a powerful creative way, her music.

Her effort could have been misunderstood, however her sincerity shined through. It was heart felt.  For the record I was NOT a Katy Perry fan, until #TODAY.  I liked a few of her songs, and that was it.  Today a new wave of GOOD has been released.

INSPIRE to RISE & UNITE!  That was Katy Perry’s message today on the Today show.  TODAY is the best day to start proactively contributing to positive, meaningful change.

There is no good that does not get challenged by bad.  The News we all woke up to in the USA this morning/the world, was horrifying and pure evil. Innocent lives GONE! DEATH ONLY HAS ONE COLOR!

Today I choose to Inspire from a positive productive place & Rise. I want to connect with those that choose the same and UNITE. Through this Virtual technology world we can make this happen quickly.

Share stories, jokes that provoke a positive sympathetic & empathetic emotion.

WE NEED TO UNITE and overcome our differences in a mindful way!

Ann Marie Cash Levasseur aka Qurly Q

St Pete Buzz- St. Petersburg, Fl


Ann Marie Cash Levasseur

Founder and General Mgr of Rhino On Air.com/WSPF-DB . Founder of The Best of St. Pete, Entrepreneur,Publicist,PR-Marketing, Writer/Journalist. Internet Radio Personality Host of Connect The Dots & St. Pete Buzz.. Ambassador St. Pete Chamber of Commerce, Iconic Woman 2014 Nominee.

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