Dr. Kyle Remmel R.I.P.

Dr. Kyle Remmel R.I.P.. St. Petersburg, Fl-St. Pete Buzz- Those of us that knew Kyle, know that this turn of events was completely unexpected. He had no ailments that he knew of. The only ailment I knew he had, was a broken heart for many reasons. I am very sorry he has left us. He started out with Rhino On Air as a business partner and once he knew he did not want that responsibility, he stayed on board as a radio show host. His show “Medical Matters”.

Kyle will be remembered and missed by many. The only information we have so far is that he passed away alone at his home. When he did not show up for work on Wednesday, friends went to check on him and he was already gone. The information I was given by one of his daughters was that he suffered a heart attack.

DSC_0181The picture depicts  how I hope everyone remembers Kyle Remmel.  I pray his family finds much love & comfort among themselves.  I know how much he loved his three (3) children.  Tuesdays will not be the same on Rhino On Air.

May You Rest in Peace……………….

Ann Marie Cash Levasseur

Founder and General Mgr of Rhino On Air.com/WSPF-DB . Founder of The Best of St. Pete, Entrepreneur,Publicist,PR-Marketing, Writer/Journalist. Internet Radio Personality Host of Connect The Dots & St. Pete Buzz.. Ambassador St. Pete Chamber of Commerce, Iconic Woman 2014 Nominee.

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