Jordan Mike Royce visits St. Pete

Mancunian Candidates LogoJordan Mike Royce visits St. Pete for the first time. Co-Host of The Mancunian Candidates owner of Fab Radio International, Starburst Magazine & various pubs all based in Manchester UK.


Jordan Mike Royce aka Mike Royce & his family enjoyed  a day & night filled with “People to see and places to go” during their visit. They started the day with a visit to Mayor Rick Kriseman at city Hall, visit to MFA and was given a tour. Duncan McClellan gallery, MGA studios, Art Exchange, The Hideaway and much more.   In the following  podcast of The Mancunian candidates, Paul Ripley who hosts the Mancunian Candidates show with  Mike Royce asked Mike about his visit to St. Pete.  Click on the player so you can listen to what he had to say. Don’t forget to click main player on the top of the site off

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Chris Steinocher with The Mancunian Candidates

chris Steinocher halfChris Steinocher President of the St. Petersburg Fl, Chamber of Commerce was a guest on The Mancunian Candidates .  Paul Ripley & Mike Royce are the Host of the show and had some very interesting questions.   Very interesting perspectives.  Chris conquers again!  Click on the player on the header of the web site off and then click on the player to listen in:

We the Rhino’s are very proud of this show. It’s has been in the” long time making”. RhinoOnAir’s purpose has always been to be a voice “from the arts to the people”and attract great people to our area so they can enjoy all this city has to offer while enhancing the economic development. Today great minds met on the bridge created between Rhino On and Fab Radio International. Good things come to those who work and wait while working. Thank You Chris Steinocher for all you do for this city and your kindness towards small business.

Money Talk-Podcast

Mancunian Candidates LogoMoney Talk-Podcast  with Paul Ripley & Mike Royce host of “The Mancunian Candidates”. original show aired 3-19-2015

British Monarchy & Workers Rights

Mancunian Candidates LogoBritish Monarchy and workers rights is the discussion today on The Mancunian Candidates Show with The host Paul Ripley & Mike Royce.  Featured music by Little Sparrow” and “Cornelius Crane.  Oh and Ann Marie Cash had the opportunity to share some very EXQUISITE news about a fun new initiative between St. Petersburg, Chicago & Manchester UK.  If you missed the live show click on the player to listen at your leisure. Enjoy!


American Health Care vs UK- The Mancunian Candidates

The Mancunian Candidates 2nd show. Click on the player below to listen:

Paul Ripley & Mike Royce are the host of The Mancunian Candidates. They would like to receive feed back from from a US perspective.  In this episode they talk about the American health care vs the UK and Florida concealed weapon law from a British perspective.  Very interesting.  You can comment at the bottom of this post or visit The Mancunian Candidates facebook page.

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