10th Annual Sunscreen Film Festival Announcement

10th Annual Sunscreen Film Festival Announcement -April 8, 2015-St. Petersburg Florida-St. Pete Buzz

The opening night film “Next Goal Wins” is a documentary about the worst-ranked soccer team in history-The American Samoa Football team (coached by Tampa Bay Rowdies Head Coach Thomas Rongen)- and its journey to the 2014 World Cup. Starring Thomas Rongen, Jaiyah Saelua and Nicky Salapu..

It was another picture perfect day, at the Sundial during  the announcement of The 10th annual Sunscreen Film Festival 2015. It was very well attended by the movers & shakers who are making this part of Florida’s  West Coast an absolute gem to visit & live in.  The announcements were made by:

Opening Remarks – Chairman and CEO of The Edwards Group Bill EdwardsBill edwards SSFF
Greeting – St. Petersburg / Clearwater Film Commissioner Tony Armer (Emcee)

Mayor’s Address – St. Petersburg Mayor Rick KrisemanMayor Rick Kriesman
Film Highlight: “Next Goal Wins” – Tampa Bay Rowdies Coach Thomas Rongen

Remarks – David Downing Executive Director of Visit St. Pete / Clearwater

Dwight CenacClosing Remarks – Sunscreen Film Festival Director Dwight Cenac.






This year, Sunscreen Film Festival will feature more than 100 films in the following categories:

  • Doc and Narrative Features
  • Doc and Narrative shorts
  • Web Series
  • Foreign shorts (Non-Latin)
  • Animated Shorts
  • Sunscreen Shorts (from Sunscreen Summer Camp & Film Society participants)
  • Latin/Spanish Language Features and Shorts.

The following is the unedited audio recording of  the announcements live:

Bill Edwards, David Downing & Jose E. Ramirez , Great conversations

Bill Edwards speaking with Jose E. Ramirez representing COPA airlines.

In addition to the speakers,there were other very well known hard working St. Pete city lovers in attendance.
Kim Tyre & Wayne Atherholt -City of St. Pete Kim & Wayne

Senator Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul, is the Republican candidate running for President.  Listening to him made me think “Finally the Republicans have a worthy candidate.  Worthy of listening to what he has to say.  He speaks with conviction and logic.  He makes sense to me.  It is time we start making some money “The Old School Way”. You Gotta work!!!!  Earn it!!!! Enjoy it with pride!  Hear him  and you decide.

Ann Marie Cash for St. Pete Buzz

Steven Kenny on Connect The Dots

Steven Kenny on Connect The Dots, with Ann Marie. This show is about people empowering people preferably through the arts. Listen to the podcast to get a closer perspective of Steven Kenny The Artist.

Steven KennyMy paintings most often focus on the human figure paired with elements found in nature. steven Kenny clown fishThese surreal, symbolic juxtapositions are intended to work on at least two levels.
Queen Bird yellow steven KennyThe first alludes to the fact that we are an integral part of the natural world and subject to its laws. This seems like an obvious statement until we step back and objectively assess our symbiotic relationship with each other and the Earth. Depending on your perspective, these relationships fall somewhere on the scale between harmonious and dysfunctional.
The second turns the lens around to look inward upon the stewardship of our own emotional, intellectual and psychological landscapes. The same pictorial subject matter allows me to make references to our individual journeys of self-exploration and discovery. Again, depending on who is holding the compass, we are either lost or on the right path.
At the very least, I desire to create images of beauty and mystery that allow the viewer to find their own personal significance in them.

Creative Commons License
Steven Kenny on Connect The Dots by Ann Marie Cash is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at http://wp.me/p29B7N-7LL.

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Puerto Rico is in “The Park” City of St. Petersburg announcement.