Songwriters Musicians School Chorus BEWARE of Mayor Kriseman

Songwriters Musicians School Chorus BEWARE of Mayor Kriseman. Mayor Rick Kriseman is committed to lead by example. What a great way to support St. Petersburg thriving art community by creating interactive marketing opportunities. Show the world what your made off and how this city shines. If Mayor Rick Kriseman can do it, I’m sure you can do it too. He can play guitar and sing. Who knew?

Here is a chance for you to show your skills & Love for this city. Go to Deadline is May 1st so don’t delay.

The three final St. Pete Pier Designs

Water entrance of pierThe three final St. Pete Pier Designs- Take a closer look-St. Pete Buzz April 23, 2015

Today I read a post on facebook about the Pier Selection Committee Meeting that will be held tonight. It is open to the public starting at 6:00 pm at City Hall.

The post was done by Jon Reno who is a very devoted citizen and business man. Everybody that knows him, knows his love and commitment for the City of St. Pete.

He was under attack for voicing his opinion about his preference of the three final St. Pete Pier designs. As he mentioned he does not have a problem with people voicing their own opinions. The important issue is educating yourself in order to make an informed decision.

The following are the full design videos of the final three choices (in no specific order). Please take the time to watch the videos and make your own informed assessments.

One of the common denominators The citizens of St. Pete have is The love for this city. It is not the first time the Pier has been the center of controversy. We can agree to disagree. The important issue is to remember this is the “New Millenium” and all decisions made today will impact generations to come.

Farewell Kyle Remmel

Farewell Kyle Remmel, You will be missed!

Dr. Kyle Remmel R.I.P.

Dr. Kyle Remmel R.I.P.. St. Petersburg, Fl-St. Pete Buzz- Those of us that knew Kyle, know that this turn of events was completely unexpected. He had no ailments that he knew of. The only ailment I knew he had, was a broken heart for many reasons. I am very sorry he …

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