Day Quest life with guest Barbara Saber

Day Quest life with guest Barbara Saber and host Michael Whalen. You can listen to the podcast below: (click off main player on the top of the site first)

Barbara Saber in her words “My world view is very energy based. I see things through the lens of energy flow, energy distortions and energy interactions. Energy is the foundation of everything If you understand what is happening inside & outside of yourself, from that perspective it makes things less personal and breaks it down into a non judgmental system”.

You can find out more about Barbara Saber at:

Contact Tel: 813-924-5771



Welcome to Day Quest Life

2015-06-26 00.10.47Welcome to Day Quest Life. Host Michael Whalen. This show will air every first (1st) and third (3rd) Tuesday at 3:06 pm. What is life asking of you today? It’s a quest because we don’t know the answer and life is constantly changing.

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