Lama Losang Samten live from the MFA Wednesday 1-13-16

 Lama Losang Samten live from the St. Petersburg  Museum of Fine Arts on Connect the Dots with Ann Marie, this upcoming Wednesday January 13, 2016 at 10:00am.    Venerable Lama Losang Samten is a renowned Tibetan scholar, spiritual teacher and ARTIST.  He became a monk in 1966 and in …

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Connecting One Dot at a time Pope Francis in USA

PopeFrancis9/23/2015 Connecting One Dot at a time Pope Francis in USA

St. Petersburg Fl. –  This morning approximately at 9:34 am Pope Francis spoke outside at The White House , and the weather looked picture perfect.  The following is a recording of the first five minutes that were extremely enlightening.  You may need to listen closely since volumes were not the best however his words resonated very deeply.  Please be OBJECTIVE.  This is NOT about religion. It’s about world leaders taking a proactive mindful approach towards the future of CIVILIZATION.

Pulitzer Prize Nominee Dr. Howard Peiper

Pulitzer Prize Nominee Dr. Howard Peiper & Mr. Mike Lemier VP of PMI were guest on Connect The Dots with Ann Marie and St. Pete Buzz.

Dr. Peiper & MikeDr. Howard Pieper is a Pulitzer Prize nominee. He has written 33 health books and is based in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Mike Lemier is Vice President of- PM International.  Both Dr. Peiper and Mike Lemier are dedicated to helping people live a healthier longer life by starting from the inside out.  They mean it, they live it!

Dr. Peiper is the gentleman in the photo on the right, in the blue shirt.  He is rock solid,physically fit. Can you guess his age?

Have you heard of NTC? Nutrient Transport Concept.  You take the time to read the labels on products you purchase, do you really understand the information?  Are you familiar with GMO? Genetically Modified Organisms.

Are you aware that the majority of people have mineral absorption issues?  Did you know that healthy cells slow down the aging process.

Listen to the podcast and find out more about Dr. Peiper, Mike Lemier and the products they work with.  The product has been in germany for over 20 years and just coming into the USA.

Hear it here first!


Steven Kenny on Connect The Dots

Steven Kenny on Connect The Dots, with Ann Marie. This show is about people empowering people preferably through the arts. Listen to the podcast to get a closer perspective of Steven Kenny The Artist.

Steven KennyMy paintings most often focus on the human figure paired with elements found in nature. steven Kenny clown fishThese surreal, symbolic juxtapositions are intended to work on at least two levels.
Queen Bird yellow steven KennyThe first alludes to the fact that we are an integral part of the natural world and subject to its laws. This seems like an obvious statement until we step back and objectively assess our symbiotic relationship with each other and the Earth. Depending on your perspective, these relationships fall somewhere on the scale between harmonious and dysfunctional.
The second turns the lens around to look inward upon the stewardship of our own emotional, intellectual and psychological landscapes. The same pictorial subject matter allows me to make references to our individual journeys of self-exploration and discovery. Again, depending on who is holding the compass, we are either lost or on the right path.
At the very least, I desire to create images of beauty and mystery that allow the viewer to find their own personal significance in them.

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UCM2 Band on Connect The Dots

UCM2 Band on Connect The Dots with Ann Marie.  Two of the band members Ron & Mike share the interesting story about how their album came to life.  Mike who is the lead guitar player among other contributions to the creative process,  learned how to memorize the guitar cords sounds …

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