Artist Submission

Hello, We had a cool upload script on this page, and then found out that while it worked fine for us, it doesn’t seem to work for anybody else. So, in the interest of serving those folks who have already received our invites, we’ve changed this page.

We recommend two possibilities:

  • Direct e-mail  (to
  • Basic audio hosting via SoundCloud

For the present, please send your larger files to us via;

This bypasses the problems some folks had with sending larger .wav files. Now you can send files up to 2GB. If you use, place the following address is the “To” field;

We also highly recommend that artists post their music to the SoundCloud service (it’s free to upload your core files). SoundCloud makes it easy to distribute your music for marketing and networking purposes. It allows you to upload your music, and then just send interested parties (like certain programming directors) to your archive for the files you want to share. You should check it out!

Please accept my apologies for any inconveniences this may have caused.

For now, we’re asking artists to use to send their files in. It’s a temporary measure, but it works, yes?

Ann Marie Cash
GM/ Programing Director

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